Private lessons for children, adolescents and adults

Lessons can be given at the following levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Conversation

Alle lessen are given on an individual (private) basis according to the level of the student, in order to achieve the maximum learning effect.


Tutoring is intended for secondary school students or students at universities, who have to take an exam in Spanish.

Conversation lesson

Conversation classes are intended for students who already have a reasonable command of the language and who want to practice. The student is given the opportunity to practice Spanish in everyday language use and to put what they have learned into practice immediately.

During the lesson various themes are discussed on the basis of a text. Particular attention will be paid to improving pronunciation and spelling.

Lessons for children

Pedagogically responsible lessons, with special teaching materials for children of different ages.

Duration of courses

Because the lessons are given on an individual basis, with flexible teaching times, the duration of a course differs per student. At the beginning of the course agreements are made about the lesson times and the number of lessons per week.

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