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Ana Barrionuevo

Ana Barrionuevo studied marine biology and is from Ecuador. She has lived in the Netherlands since 2008 and is married to Rik Pennartz. In The Hague, she received a degree in "Children & Development" from the Institute of Social Studies.She has written several articles for newspapers and magazines in Ecuador and the U.S. on ecotourism and the social problems of children in Ecuador.
"My passion for teaching Spanish began in the 1980s when I had to maintain contact with scholars from different countries. In the beginning, teaching was a hobby and I began to delve more and more into it. Now I have more than 20 years of experience as a teacher.
My personal goal is to teach my students a good level of Spanish so that they can realize their own ideas in tourism, business or studies in the Spanish-speaking world.
In addition, I enjoy helping my students prepare for their trips to South America with practical information about the people and culture."

What my students say about me

Learning Spanish language was always something I wanted to do, but I did not manage to find efficient amount of time to master it on a proper level. Different courses have helped, of course, however, the feeling that I was left with, was the inability to communicate in an informal environment, as how you would communicate with locals in day to day situations. The Course "Conversational Spanish" with Ana has brought me to the level which enabled me to speak fluently, and gradually switching to Spanish internet sources. Now, looking back, I can say, that Ana`s bright personality and kind but firm character have kept lessons interesting containing that great part of fun that makes any learning process, in fact, entertaining. I would definitely recommend Ana`s teaching style for busy individuals, who would like to keep their language skills at the certain level.
Alina Stupakova
Ana takes you step by step into the world of the Spanish language.She has an excellent feeling for the right pace of lessons. She keeps up the pace, but without feeling that you are being over-challenged. You want to learn, so you get homework, but in quantities that are easy to handle. Because of the private character of the lessons you get full attention, and that translates into steady progress. Above all, Ana is an amiable and widely interested woman, she is pleasant company and the Spanish lesson is always something to look forward to. In short, make an appointment with Ana if you want to learn Spanish. Highly recommended!
Rutger Green
Ana was such a wonderful teacher. She was so efficient that in less than a year I learned enough to use the language in the daily life when I moved to Spain to do my internship. Her lessons were entertaining and focused on practical use of Spanish. Ana used interesting and useful topics for conversations as well as she could explain grammar in very understandable way. I really enjoyed the lessons because Ana is not just a great teacher but also very pleasant and interesting person to spend the time with.
Johana Cern√°
I could learn the grammar and words from a book, understanding and pronunciation using audio recordings, but holding a conversation in a foreign language you only learn by doing. That's why I started taking conversational Spanish classes. Ana Barrionuevo's classes were very instructive. It was also nice that she is an educated woman with whom you could talk about anything.
Lester Hoekstra
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